1. Selling Real estate, etc.: Placing a water color of property along with caricature/caricatures of current owner/s. (Watercolor paintings present a “fresh and creative look” at properties and caricatures brings a smile and ease to the buying process.)
  2. Family events and funny happenings
  3. Church gatherings: Utilizing tasteful caricatures and cartoons to enrich ministry.
  4. Political issues: Tactful cartoons that strengthen important issues
  5. Community events: Humor can play in many ways.
  6. Illustrating humor in history
  7. School Sports and drama

If you have or can remember a humorous event and would like to see it “visualized artistically” or, if you would like an attractive drawing/watercolor (landscape-person-pet-home-auto-boat) without humor please Contact Me.

Commissions: An email is suggested to establish subject matter, size, price, deadlines. Etc…

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Most black and white caricatures (1-3 people) with minimum background: $50.00-$99.00 (8 ½ X 11)*

Most color caricatures (1-3 people) with minimum background: $75.00- $149.00 (8 ½ X 11)*

Watercolor paintings (with or without caricatures): $200.00 – $299.00 (11 X 14)

Watercolor/mixed media paintings larger than 11X14 can run somewhere between $300-$500.00

My watercolor paper of choice is a cold press 300lb Natural white
*Since I use museum quality drawing paper sizes will usually be a little larger

I am also available to do caricature drawings for churches and civic groups. Travel and a small fee would be required.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed or your money back!