Note From the Artist

Note from the Artist:

Welcome to a small part of my gallery. Though my years, art has been a vessel for perception and communication of life. I enjoy exploring the mediums that create art as well as the many artists that have painted or drawn people, animals, buildings machinery etc… My participation in as well as studies of others creativity through watercolor, pen and pencil continue to present insight, some mysteries and an awe of life.

I have discovered that art has the power to persuade like none other. If you think about it, the affective manner of connecting the elements of perceiving, knowing, doing and sharing creates an aesthetic mode that unites into a single pervasive quality. I believe visual art synthesizes how I see and experience my environment. Likewise, through art, I have developed a certain freedom and freshness that is gratifying.

Creative efforts involve interplay with order along with non-order, between willfulness to do and willingness to let go, between what is known and what needs to be discovered through chaos. Many artists know that such an interaction is required and while I admit that swimming in such a perspective can be taxing, it also produces the new and different.

Louis Caddell