The Famous 3 Touring Lexington

Carriage with Stonewall Jackson, Robert E. Lee, George C. Marshall and others: Stonewall Jackson: “Forget those previous properties that belong to the Lexington Historical Society! LOOK – there’s my house!” 10 ½ X 12 WATERCOLOR PRINT SIGNED/NUMBERED WRAPPED W/ BACKING $43 Contact Louis Caddell


Old Phillips 66

“Hey Phil! Some idiot told me that Phillips 66 would be no more and that cars of the future would run on electricity and batteries. Oh … oh, and that gasoline would cost $4.00 a GALLON. I think that guy is absolutely nuts.” 10 X 15 ½ WATERCOLOR PRINT SIGNED/NUMBERED $35.00 Contact to Purchase


Three Patriots with Flag

What does a cowboy, richman and jockey have in common? With good work ethics, honor system and healthy values they have helped make America GREAT! 11 X 13 ORIGINAL COLORED MARKERS MATTED $60.00 Contact to Purchase